HAULTIPS smart transportation tool. Book and find custom as easy as 1-2-3

Service Provider Tools

Haultips gives incomparable and gravitate the use of the controls which assist in seeking the jobs quickly and easily. Haultips even furnish the latest and trendy integrations competence ranging from the explicit route and end clearances for freight and tracking in real time. Haultips time and again use the system that allows you to use simple, innovative and user-friendly tools and thus, it will make your haultips experience very delightful as possible.

The system gives you certain tools for assistance:

  • Guide your chauffer’s in real time.
  • Designate work to your operators.
  • Roster the time for pick-up and delivery.
  • Treasure trove your orders.
  • Seize the payments from customers.
  • Disseminate with customers

Power Provider

The agenda of this program is completely complimentary, and your status is refurbished automatically each and every month.

Peculiar Savings - Receive up to 20% discount on current fees based on your past match volume.

Additional Bids Accepted - A Power Provider icon notifies the visitors of your Power Provider status.

VIP Assistance - Receive prioritized customer assistance and technical help.

Special Negotiations - Haultips helps in negotiating with the third party payers who will make certain advertising techniques available exclusively and widely to Power Providers. Haultips even help you to know about the special offers and promotions on a top most basis.

How do I qualify for the Power Provider Program?

Be a Haultips Customer for at least 90 days and get a positive feedback rating of 95%. Do leave as much feedback as you can and to qualify the race of power provider, your feedback left to feedback captured ratio should be same or little more. Your account should have no outstanding fees of any kind reflecting in your account.

Haultips strengthen it’s company value through honesty, mutual respect and on time delivery services for all the customers.

Power Provider program is inspected every end of the month to calculate your eligibility and you would be able to avail the discount and benefits as per the eligibility.

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