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Haultips! When I heard the name through a friend of mine I wasn’t sure as I thought that company is too new to handle my brand new furniture to get it ship for me in the finest condition so I thought at the first go of not shipping it through them, but fortunately I was wrong and ultimately I chose Haultips to transport my goods and today I feel lucky to make Haultips as my choice. Haultips rocks! It is like the OLA of shipping! I was very happy with the responsiveness, the professionalism, the timeliness, and the care the shipper had for my furniture. Thank you Haultips! – Megha Trivedi

I never heard this online shopping place for shipping known as Haultips but as I was just surfing through the internet I just came across this site and while I was just comparing the prices and the services I realized that I can give it a shot. And the moment I gave it a try through Haultips I realize that it was worth trying and the professionalism was up to the mark. I had shipped a recliner from Gurgaon to Noida - fair price, good content protection and timely delivery. Amit Oberoi

I personally never knew that the person who would be shipping my goods would be so pleasing by his actions. Haultips, I never even thought even in my wildest of dreams that there is seriously a company who thinks of their customer so much that even the chauffer who just had the work of shipping could be so kind and connective with his customers that he could make his brand sound more worthy. The gentlemen appeared here when anticipated and made the delivery on time. Amar Khan was very affable and it almost felt like he was an old acquaintance.- Asha Kapoor

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