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Green Transport

Help the habitat and save money

Haultips has made the dispatcher and transport facilities more economical and efficient. We’ve thousands of customer shippers with unused space in transport organizations, curtailing the number of barren miles of the road and saving people thousands of rupees in lowered delivery costs.

The driving pattern has a colossal impact on the company's expense for fuel. Economical driving – a top most things for the businesses, and such organizations are highly appreciated for their enshrined chauffer’s, who are on time and has a conceived notion that they have to lower their fuel consumption while delivering the goods to the consumer.

Fuel-Competent Driving

It is necessary to remember that chauffer’s firms compete not with each other, but with themselves. This is a favorable circumstance to see how each individual behavior and attitude on the road is determined by the company. The curtailing of fuel consumption should turn into a game where the main desideratum of the transition is to save maximum money.

Chaotic Driving Mistakes

The most usual driving mistakes which leads to higher fuel consumption is people driver very chaotically and they are haphazardly shifting or stopping or accelerating time and again. The drivers are not particular about their driving style which leads to irregular driving speed and its leads to higher consumption of fuel. The drivers hardly assess the situation on the road as they take sudden or erratic decisions either by seeing a barrier or by seeing a construction, they stop or try to divert their vehicle at that very movement which creates chaos while driving.

The drivers don’t even pay attention to their vehicles in terms of maintenance like air pressure in the wheels which affects the driving style of the driver. They often stand at the wrong que of the traffic which even affects their fuel consumption.


Therefore, the companies should keep in mind that it’s not the drivers fault solely but both the parties are responsible for shedding so much of fuel. And the drivers should be encouraged for eco driving recommendations so that they believe in the concept of saving fuel as well as money.

Safe Transport Guide