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Safe Transport Guide

Haultips is the intact channel to find carrier assistance online - dreadfully, fraud does exist in the shipping industry, but whether you ship through Haultips or any other means, you should always keep in mind some easy and simple guidelines just to make your Haultips experience worthwhile.

Jeopardize Cash Transfer

Haultips prohibits the customers from making payments from instant cash transfer services as it could increase the trouble money vise as well stress. When you send money via transfers services, there is always a doubt on whose account you sending it too and you cannot even receive it back even if you get into trouble through all this. Avoid using these transfer services and if anyone from Haultips request you to do then you have all the rights to cross check and report.

Actualize a Written Bargain

After the shipment is scheduled, you and your service provider should actualize a written contract outlining the details of your agreement. This is very essential in case if there is any disagreement about service.

Comprehend Deposits

There are few of the service provider’s who requests an upfront deposit. But if your provider requests forthright deposits, then you have to be sure that the details of the deposit are correct and it should be refundable so that at any point of time you could access it easily and it should be clearly mentioned in the contract.

Use Credit Cards Whenever Possible

Using a credit card or a third party payment service to pay for your rendered services may assist you with supplementary safeguards and recourse in the event of a disputed or suspected fraudulent ballgame.

Covet your Service Provider

While Haultips provides essential tools such as feedback ratings and comments, the visitor or the customer should entertain the same level of perseverance in carrying out action as you would do while choosing a service provider from another venture.

Be a Sound Judger

If there is something which creates confusion in your head, then probably it isn’t adequate. So, ask n number of questions, get it in writing, scrutinize the credentials and always pay safely.

Authenticate Credentials

Validate the credentials of any service provider you choose to do business with. Always check its authenticity through different government sites and get as much information as you can before proceeding with any dealings.

Why To Join Haultips

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A hard-working, fun-loving environment is an enormous part of what keeps us going here at the Haultips. Our people are our cardinal asset and we work together as a team to build new solutions that make hauling things easier and more efficient.

Safe Transport Guide